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Job Seeker Tools

Job seeker tools

Job Seeker Tools

Resume Assistance

The resume is the first impression. It highlights your strengths and accomplishments. It may unknowingly highlight your weakness. A resume full of spelling errors will quickly override a skill highlighting attention to detail. Writing a good resume takes time. Writing a great resume for your target job takes a team, and we are here to assist.

Online applications are today's reality and job seekers must write a resume attuned to applicant tracking system (ATS). These systems scan resumes and kick out applicants that don’t appear to match the job description. Even the most robust resume will not get before a hiring manager is unless it contains words and descriptors matching the skills being sought. To improve your chances use a chronological or functional format for your resume. Look for key words in the job description and mirror those in your resume. You must adjust your resume for each application. Fancy headers and footers tend to confuse the ATS and this eye-catching formatting is lost making your resume look unprofessional in the system. Upload a clean  resume to the ATS and save the eye-catching resumes for job fairs and in-person interviews.

We offer workshops and personal assistance to you help create a resume for today's job market. If you need help to get started we have links to a few samples below. We can also print, fax, scan or email that resume for you at no cost. Visit our offices, contact us, or check out our events page to learn more about the Job Search Workshop.

Sample Targeted Resume View / Download

Sample Functional Resume View / Download

Sample Cover Letter View / Download

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Networking is the number one activity that leads to employment, but most job seekers are uncomfortable networking. You can overcome the fear of networking once you realize that it is simply learning about the people you meet.  Learning about someone else's career can help you identify common interests and goals and help you navigate your future. Think about what you have to offer. Your life experience can provide mentorship to others. Tell people you are job searching and share your career goals with them.

Workforce Partnership is your direct network to a variety of job openings, job fairs, job clubs and workshops. It is our business to network with you, employers, chambers of commerce and community programs. Our Business Services team regularly communicates with local employers looking for talented people to fill their open positions. We also host hiring events in our Workforce Centers where you can directly interview with recruiters.

Step out of your comfort zone and visit your local Workforce Center.

If you are searching for an opportunity to build your network, visit our events page! There you will find what job fairs or hiring events are happening near you.

Interviewing Skills

For most of us there is nothing about the interview process that feels normal.  Like any other skill, interviewing skills can be learned.  Starting a job search requires you polish your appearance and  your interview answers. The job market is competitive and employers  expect applicants to do their homework by researching the company.  Technology has changed how employers interview.  It’s not uncommon to have a Skype or video interview, or be asked to join a Google Hangout, or go on Zoom. We can arrange a traditional mock interview for you to practice and receive constructive feedback.  We can support you with the technology needed to complete a Skype or video interview in our offices.

Employers will also research you. Your Facebook account or other social media accounts could be visited by future employer or co-workers. Consider this review part of the interview process.  Now is a good time to "clean up" your online presence, if necessary, and make sure photos are professional.  Employers may ask you to take assessments during the application process to verify you have the skills listed on your resume. You can practice for these by taking similar assessments at our Workforce Centers. 

Attend our Job Search Workshop to learn a variety of job search strategies and interview techniques.

Skills Assessment

Often employers are looking for a measurement of your skill levels to determine if you are a fit for their job and often will send applicants to our center to take assessments.  Having an objective measure of particular skills in hand provides you a baseline for discussion of your skill level with an employer.  The Kansas WORKReady! Certificate is a nationally recognized certificate that lets employers know a job candidate's skills before they even walk into the interview. The Certificate measures skills in three areas:  Applied Math, Graphic Literacy and Workplace Documents. You can earn a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum Certificate, which can be presented to employers as proof of skills in these areas.

Not sure what you want to be when you grow up?  Visit your Workforce Partnership office and take the O*NET Interest Profiler.  This assessment is a career tool specifically designed to help job seekers determine what career they might enjoy.

Call or visit your local Workforce Center to sign up for a free WORKReady skills assessment. You can schedule practice sessions to review your skills before taking the assessment.

Education and Training

Thinking about making a career change?  Have you been laid off and want to do something new?  We can assist you with selecting an education path in a high demand occupation and help you develop new skills that, together with your existing talents, launch you into a new career.  You may also qualify for dollars that you can use to assist you in paying for training or furthering your education.    Visit our Workforce Centers to talk to a representative to learn more .