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YouthBuild KCK

YouthBuild KCK

YouthBuild KCK assists out-of-school youth ages 16-24 in obtaining their high-school credential and training them for a job in the construction or healthcare industry.  The program is an intensive, full-time program, providing instruction and leadership development five days a week.  Trainees spend 40% of their time in GED instruction, 50% of their time in construction or healthcare training (both classroom and in the field) and the remaining 10% of their time in leadership and character development work.  The program aims to serve approximately 35 young people each year – small cohorts, but deep engagement.  Trainees are also engaged in mentorship with volunteer adults, as well as service learning opportunities through the Americorps program.

93% of YouthBuild KCK's cash needs are funded through a U.S. Department of labor grant, with the balance funded through YouthBuild USA and private donations.


You are eligible to participate in YouthBuild KCK if you:

  • are between the ages of 16 and 24;

  • have dropped out of high school (with some exceptions);

  • are in need of workplace skills (unemployed/underemployed);

  • are a Wyandotte County resident**; and

  • possess a strong desire to improve yourself and become a community leader.

**YouthBuild KCK does have limited space in its enrollments to serve individuals in the KC metro who are not Wyandotte County residents.

In addition to those three primary criteria, a participant also have at least one additional qualifier below (with some exceptions):

  • low-income

  • current or former foster youth

  • youth or adult offender

  • a disability

  • a migrant farm worker youth

  • a child of an incarcerated parent

Primary Contact

Austin Terry
YouthBuild KCK Program Manager