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NexGen Apprenticeship Program

NexGen Apprenticeship Program

Registered Apprenticeship is an industry-driven method of developing high-quality talent for your business. It is a model of training that blends technical instruction with on-the-job training under the supervision of a mentor and is the gold standard for “earn and learn” experiences. Employers develop and prepare their future workforce within the context of the specific needs of their own business, and apprentices obtain paid work experience, classroom instruction, and industry-issued, nationally recognized credentials. Almost any occupation can utilize the apprenticeship model and Workforce Partnership’s team can assist employers in creating the standards and work processes needed to formalize the program and help register the program in Kansas. Registering your apprenticeship program is valuable as it not only unlocks potential funding resources for the employer to offset costs, but it also ensures the apprentice of the quality of the program and the commitment of the employer.

Is your business interested in developing a quality talent pipeline? Does your business already utilize on-the-job training but would like to create a more formal training structure for new hires? Does your business suffer from high turnover and poor employee retention? Registered Apprenticeship might be a terrific option for you! You can learn more about the basics of apprenticeship on the Kansas Office of Apprenticeship website. Contact our Apprenticeship Manager for an exploratory conversation.

MeadowLARK Grant

Workforce Partnership currently operates three youth-serving programs:

    • a WIOA Youth Program for out-of-school youth;

    • an extensive K-12 work-based learning initiative in almost every school district in our area;

    • and the YouthBuild KCK program to support individuals who have dropped out of secondary school.

Through our deep experience working with youth, we know that the gold standard in engaging and training our young people is through blended learning that includes both classroom/technical instruction and work-based learning – in other words, the apprenticeship model. To achieve this goal, we have received funds through the MeadowLARK grant to redesign youth workforce services and administer the resulting new model,

      • to engage more employers,

      • to develop a curriculum for technical instruction that is designed specifically for youth,

      • and to help employers pay for the related technical instruction.

We are committed to the apprenticeship model as a best practice in serving young people and securing a talent pipeline for our employers.

Primary Contact

Makayla Hagenhoff
Apprenticeship Manager