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Skill Up WYCO

What is Skill Up WYCO?

The Skill Up WYCO Program is designed to re-skill and upskill Wyandotte County residents. Residents have a choice of many short-term classroom training (both in-person and online) and work-based training options (such as on-the-job training, internships and apprenticeships). Emphasis is on credential-bearing programs or those programs that will prepare individuals to earn a certificate, certifications or pass a licensure exam or that will provide additional skills for the job seeker to upskill into a better position. If you are interested in learning more about the Skill Up WYCO Program, please contact the Wyandotte County Workforce Center at 913-279-2600 or

Services to Individuals include:

  • Resume development

  • Job search assistance and resources

  • College and career counseling

  • Workshops

  • Labor market information

  • Initial skills assessments (literacy, numeracy and English language)

  • Training funds up to $5,000 per person

  • Other supportive services such as transportation and childcare assistance


In order to be eligible for Skill Up WYCO, you must meet the criteria below. If you have any questions, please call the Wyandotte County Workforce Center for more information.

      • Wyandotte County Resident
      • 18+ years of age
      • Eligible to work in U.S.
      • At least one of these three situations applies:
        • COVID had negative impact on employment; OR
        • Unemployed and have received at least 3 weeks of UI payments; OR
        • Low-to-moderate income – based on Wyandotte County median income levels
      • For those enrolling in occupational skills training, documentation of the right to work in the U.S.


Training Courses and KANSASWORKS:

Job seekers enrolled in Skill Up WYCO have a variety of training/course options to choose from. Workforce Partnership has partnered with community colleges, other higher education institutions, and other quality training providers to offer a diverse list of training courses and programs.

Participants are encouraged to take advantage of the resources provided on the website. KansasWorks job board lists available jobs in the Kansas City metro area and across the state. Click the links below to view many of the approved training/education providers and courses offered.

If you currently do not have a KansasWorks account, please go to the job seeker tab on KansasWorks and create a new account. You will need to provide your date of birth, name, and address to create an account for yourself.

Support Services:

Through Skill Up WYCO funding, Workforce Partnership can also provide aid and support to anyone enrolled in classroom or work-based training. If you need assistance with any equipment or materials necessary for your course (ex. textbooks, a computer, or internet access), we can provide funding to acquire those supports. If you need transportation or child care assistance while in training, we can help you with those costs too.

While we cannot assist you with every need, we have partnered with other community organizations that can help you with such other items as rent or utility assistance. Please mention any additional supports you may need with your Career Navigator.

Next Steps:

If you are interested in taking advantage of the Skill Up WYCO funding, please visit, call or email the Wyandotte County Workforce Center to speak with one of our Career Navigators. We can serve you through virtual means (Zoom or Skype) or you can make an in-person appointment. They will provide you with more information about Skill Up WYCO, guide you towards to training course or career path of your choice, and help get you enrolled in the program.

    Molly Turney

    Primary Contact

    Molly Turney
    WyCo Site Manager
    P: 913-279-2628