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Looking for Qualified Workers?

Workforce Partnership is dedicated to building a workforce that is skilled, adaptable and work ready. Our staff will design a customized talent solution based on your company’s needs to assist you in recruitment, training, retention and expansion.

First Steps

The first step to working with us is setting up your KANSASWORKS account.


You will need the following to get started:

Once your account is active you will receive our Services including:

  • Unlimited Job postings
  • Unlimited Resume searches
  • Advertising in our employment centers
  • On Site Hiring Events

We will advertise your open positions in our Hot Jobs advertisement that is and emailed to hundreds of job seekers.   We will need your job title and KANSASWORKS job number to start the recruiting process.

Services for Employers

Every employer large or small needs access to qualified candidates. Workforce Partnership can connect you to a network of candidates seeking new opportunities from highly skilled individuals to entry-level workers.  Some job seekers may have extensive experience, but have been recently unemployed due to a lay off or business closure. Others may be just now ready to embark into the workforce.  We also work with many veterans with specialized skills, as well as those looking to work for an employer who will focus on their abilities instead of a disability.  Some of our job seekers may be under-employed and looking for on-the-job training opportunities with you. 

Workforce Partnership is here to support the Economic Development of our communities and that includes supporting employers of all types and sizes.  Small companies without an HR department may use our services to assist with all aspects of their HR needs. Larger companies may use us as a recruiting partner or participate in our job fairs to build their candidate pipeline.  Employers can post their positions on KANSASWORKS and meet their OFCCP requirements. They may also use our facilities to conduct interviews or hiring events.  If your business needs to downsize, we can assist your impacted employees.

In addition to recruitment assistance, we can also develop on-the-job training programs, customized training programs, internships, and Registered Apprenticeships for your business - and in many cases, do so at a 50% reduction in the wages you pay during that training period.

Services we provide include:

  • Free online job postings
  • Candidate recruitment, screening and assessment
  • On/off site recruitment events
  • Meeting and interview space
  • Custom training solutions
  • Outplacement services
  • Labor Market information

We will need your job title and KANSASWORKS account number to start the recruiting process.  See information above on setting up a KANSASWORKS account.

Contact Business Services

Office Hours:

Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri: 8am - 5pm

Wed:  9am - 5pm

Sloane Gage

Director of Work Based Learning and Industry Engagement

Call: 913-577-5936

Danijela Crncic

Work Based Learning Liaison

Call: 913-577-5936

Roberta Rowland

Business Services Manager

Call: 913-577-5910

Cannon Crane

Business Services Specialist

Call: 913-577-5935