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RespectWorks Program

RespectWorks is a program designed to assist individuals who are close to release from incarceration with their employment goals.  The program is part of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Pathway Home grant (2nd cycle) and it is implemented in partnership with the KS Department of Commerce and the KS Department of Corrections.

The program provides these individuals with intensive career navigation and case management services, free training and education, computers, cell phones and Internet access as well as assistance with basic living needs as individuals release into our service area.  Our RespectWorks Career Navigator offices out of the Leavenworth workforce center for easier access to participants prior to release.

In order to join the RespectWorks Program, individuals must:

  • Be recommended by the KS Department of Corrections for inclusion in the grant

  • Be between 20-180 days of release from incarceration

  • Not have a parole restriction on computer usage

Employer Participation:

Many of the individuals enrolled in our RespectWorks program already have excellent skills and sought-after credentials.  If you are an employer that will consider job candidates with a criminal background and wish to learn more about our RespectWorks participants, please contact our RespectWorks Career Navigator.

Primary Contact

Kelly Crowder
Career Navigator for RespectWorks

Primary Contact

Ana Patrick
Career Navigator for RespectWorks