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Workforce Partnership

A Stronger WorkforceFor A Stronger Economy

Who We Are

Workforce Partnership is committed to building a workforce development system that meets the needs of both job seekers and employers throughout the Kansas City area.  Among other work, we serve as the local workforce development board and operate a network of career centers in Johnson, Leavenworth, and Wyandotte counties offering professional expertise and funding resources to employers and eligible job seekers. Dynamic Workforce Solutions serves as our One Stop Operator. 

Because we are a local workforce development board funded in part by federal and state dollars, we are required to comply with the Kansas Open Meetings Act (KOMA) and the Kansas Open Records Act (KORA).  KOMA is a law that guarantees anyone the right to observe governmental policy makers, such as your local school board, city council, county commissioners, local workforce boards or most functions of the state legislature, that make the decisions affecting your life.  KORA is a law that permits the public to review or get copies of public records. There are two parts of the law. One part governs the procedure that public agencies must follow when someone requests a public record. The other part categorizes public records and, under certain circumstances, permits an agency to withhold public records.  If you wish to join any of our public meetings (listed below) or would like copies of certain records like board meeting minutes, our local area plan, etc., please contact our Board Administrator at 913-577-5922 or at so that we may assist you with your request.  A citizen's guide to KOMA and KORA may be found here.

Meeting Dates

In 2024, Workforce Partnership will be holding its public board meetings in a hybrid of an in-person and virtual format.  These meetings, whether you attend in-person or virtual, remain open to the public as always.  If you wish to join our board meetings, please contact our Board Staff Administrator at 913-577-5922 or email for instructions on how best to connect.  If you wish to receive electronic copies of board meeting minutes, board policies, bylaws or our Local Area Plan, please contact the Board Staff Administrator at 913-577-5922 or email We will provide you with electronic copies within 48 hours. Click on the link below for the current Board meeting schedule.