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Back to Work 50+ Workshop

Back to Work 50+ Workshop

AARP Foundation launched BACK TO WORK 50+ to provide unemployed older workers with tools and coaching resources to help them compete confidently for today’s high-quality in-demand jobs. Foundational to its success is a nationwide network of community partners who implement program components in their local communities. Community Partners reach and serve older adults by incorporating tools and resources that address the unique challenges workers over 50 may face as they look for new work opportunities.

In addition to introducing jobseekers over 50 to a 7-Step job search roadmap, coaching supports for their search journey, and employer access events, community partners can also provide resources like short-term training and work-based learning.


Where: Johnson County Workforce Center

When: Every third Wednesday of the month from 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Contact Molly Turney at 913-279-2628 or
to reserve a seat.

You can also sign-up at the Johnson County front desk.

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