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Employer Resources (OLD Version)

Employer Resources

Workforce Partnership is a valuable partner in helping you manage your talent lifecycle. Our Business Services Representatives are here to assist you with free online job postings plus direct assistance with candidate recruitment, screening, assessment, funded on- the-job training (OJT) and other specialized programs and services.

Recruitment Services

Recruiting new employees is one of the primary ways the Workforce Center assists employers. Workforce Centers offer a complete range of recruitment services that can provide access to personnel for a variety of positions. Recruitment can be conducted locally or expanded to include a national search by using the resources of Internet job posting. Job candidate referrals Job seekers that visit their local Workforce Center can be referred to your open positions. There is no cost to post a job opening, which gets local and national exposure. The Workforce Centers and affiliated sites located throughout Kansas, provide access to entry-level, skilled trade and professional personnel looking for a better job. Additional services such as prescreening and assessments are also available. Some assessments are at no cost, but other more detailed testing may incur a minimal cost. Recruiting Assistance The Workforce Center can assist businesses in need of just a few new hires or mass recruitments. Employers in need of qualified candidates can count on us to host Job Fairs, assist with intake of applications, screen for basic requirements and overall completeness of applications. Recruiting Agreements assist us in customizing our services to meet your specific needs.

Hiring Events

Need to hire 1 to 100 employees, but don’t have a place to complete the interview process? Workforce Partnership can provide you with a place to greet and interview candidates.

On-the-Job Training

Training an employee can be costly. A structured On- the-job training will reimburse the employer up to 50% of the trainee’s gross wages during the duration of the training. Employers will work with Workforce partnership to structure a program that meets the Federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA). Employers will use their own system to teach trainees the skills necessary for permanent employment in their company. Training programs can be developed for a wide range of skill level career paths.

Employers Receive

  • Pre-screen applicants
  • Up to 50% reimbursement of the trainee’s wage during the training period
  • Prompt Monthly Payments  
  • Simple reporting system
  • Assistance from Workforce Partnership through all phases of the program

Trainee’s Receive:

  • Growth opportunities
  • Employment in a new line of work
  • A future with a great employer
Customized Training

Designed to meet the special requirements of an employer or group of employers, this training is conducted with a commitment by the employer(s) to employ the individuals who successfully complete the training. The employer pays not less than 50 percent of the training costs. Customized training may include incumbent worker training.

Layoff Services

Is your company closing or about to experience layoffs?

Closings and Layoffs are unpleasant and a difficult situation for the employer and employee. Our goal is to assist you in making this situation as positive as it can for the employee and employer. Often the end of employment is the beginning of a new future when handled in a positive proactive approach. Workforce Partnership provides Rapid Response Employer Services. These services are available for large or small layoffs. Providing our services to your employees is a free benefit that is simply a phone call way.

Rapid Response Services your employees will receive:

  • Job leads for new employment
  • Knowledge on how to apply for unemployment benefits
  • Career training opportunities
  • Support with updating their Skills   
  • Support with job search strategies
  • Extensive one to one career coaching
  • Workshops on resumes, interviewing, Linkedin and more
  • Access to technology to perform the job search
  • Creation a Kansasworks account

Employers receive:

  • Outside professionals who are trained to assist
  • Pride in taking care of their employees in a difficult situation
  • The same assistance as their employees if needed
Education and Training

Workforce Partnership can connect you with education and training programs to assist you not only in finding new employees, but also in training your incumbent workforce.  We fund the training for many individuals, and as part of our responsibilities as a funder, we must also provide support to those individuals both during training and once they land a job.  Let us connect you to new employees who will be graduating from training and educational programs with high quality certificates and degrees that meet your talent requirements.  We can often arrange a brief work experience for these new graduates or an on-the-job training experience, so that you have the opportunity to "try before you buy" and further train to your specific needs.  If you would like to work with us on developing a classroom-based training program for existing employees, please let our business services team know, and we can help you develop the program and connect you to a high-quality training provider in our local area.  


We look forward to working with you!

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