One of the many ways we can help you get back to work is by providing financial assistance for career training .  If you meet eligibility requirements, we may be able pay for you to get the training leading to credentials that will help you obtain your next job. 

To get started, check out answers to [Frequently Asked Questions].  Then simply call, email or stop by one of our locations to register to attend a Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act orientation.  This orientation will equip you with the basics and help determine whether training is a good option for you.

After attending a WIOA Orientation, if you meet training eligibility requirements, our Career Advisors can tell you which training services you qualify for, which occupations are in the highest demand in the Kansas City area, and what the typical pay range is for those positions.  Career Advisors can also help you identify which school would be right for you.

To see a list of already approved training providers and their program visit  Then click on “Resources” and then “Training Providers.”

Our current high-growth and high-demand Priority Sectors are:


  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Construction and Building Trades
  • Healthcare 
  • Information Technology
  • Transportation and Logistics


Work-Based Learning

Beyond classroom training, Workforce Partnership offers opportunities to develop essential skills and work readiness while you are working.  We contract with employers to provide you training while you work and earn a paycheck.  The employer agrees to train you on the skills you are missing for that position.  We then reimburse the employer for a percentage of the wages you earned while you were being training.  Work-based learning--including on-the-job training, internships, and work experience opportunities--is a win for everyone involved – you earn while you learn and the employer get a qualified employee.  Ask a Career Advisor about work-based learning.